IIG is actively developing innovative products and services for identified opportunities.

We pride ourselves in both creating and sourcing unique products that have outperformed the market and aren’t available through traditional private banks and asset managers.

A financial product development capability scoping the optimum design of equity, fixed interest, property investment and alternative investment solutions. We access external skills offered by specialists including lawyers, super management companies, stockbrokers, corporate advisors, compliance experts, trustees and clearing and settlement service providers, property developers and experts in private equity, AIM investing and private finance.

We create the optimum solution to raise capital and deploy the capital raised to ensure a return on investment within the mandate agreed with our counterparties.

The solutions we source meet the precise demands of our clients for investment performance and regulatory compliance utilizing best industry thinking – whether sourcing multi asset investment solutions, Absolute Return mandates, high growth opportunities through the Alternative Investment Markets or secured asset backed returns through the listed bond market.