The management team includes experience across virtually all aspects of financial services including actuarial, underwriting, insurance, equity capital markets, fund management, conduit programmes and of course debt capital markets.

Dr. Norman Nepo
– Chairman

Dr. Nepo has been an active international investor in various asset classes and sectors for 40 plus years. He is a principal investor in technology, real estate, insurance and investment companies, including IIG. Additionally, Dr. Nepo has over 10 years’ experience as an accredited Insurance Executive in Life and Variable Annuities. Dr. Nepo’s lifelong global travels and experiences, both in his business and personal life, influence and guide the direction of IIG globally.

Dr. Nepo served as a Captain in the Army, and as Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard.

Dr. Jamal Kaddaj – Executive Chairman

Dr. Kaddaj is an International entrepreneur with business interests spanning worldwide. Dr. Kaddaj is an accredited engineer with numerous industrial manufacturing operations in Russia, Europe and North America. He is an active real estate developer and hotelier with ongoing projects internationally. Dr. Kaddaj brings decades of successful hands on business development experience and expertise to IIG.

Dr. Kaddaj speaks English, Russian, Arabic, German, French, and Italian.

Dr. Stephen Toju Kpere-Daibo, DipPFS – Head of Investments

Dr Kpere-Daibo has been active with IIG since 2015 based in the United Kingdom, managing clients worldwide. He is IIG’s leader in assisting clients to enhance their institutional finance and guide their corporate governance. Dr Kpere-Daibo strong track record with financial institutions and investors in Asia, Europe and the Middle East and has grown IIG’s global influence substantially. Dr Kpere-Daibo previously worked at UBS Wealth Management, and later became a Partner at St James Wealth Management. With a doctorate in Chemical Engineering, he has a track record of advising the Energy and Petroleum sector. He previously consulted on a USD1.2bil acquisition of Buzi gas concession, and he structured the finance for a USD300mil Titan Steel Pipe Mill plant.

Dr Kpere-Daibo holds a B.Eng, MSc and PhD in Chemical Engineering from University College London.
He also has a DipPFS in Regulated Financial Planning from the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Karina Kanakina – Head of Wealth Management

Ms. Karina Kanakina is an international relationship and wealth manager, that brings majestic charm and precise diligence to her client relationships at IIG.

Karina was training for the Olympics in Ukraine before transitioning to pursue her passion in finance. She obtained a Masters degree in Finance & Banking, joined BNP Paribas and began establishing relationships with highly affluent clients. After relocating to the United States she joined Wells Fargo Bank and became a licensed security representative & private banker. At the bank she achieved awards by being in the top 3% nationwide for outstanding performance and cultivated sincere and long lasting relationships with her clients. Karina is also a board member of non profit organization focused on sustainability and water preservation.

Karina speaks English, Russian & Ukrainian.

Svetlana Batchaeva, IMC – Head of Corporate Advisory

Ms. Batchaeva has a broad range of professional skills and financial services accreditations which have made her very valuable to IIG and to every company she’s worked with in her corporate advisory role. An asset to the company, Ms. Batchaeva manages various industry sector relationships with worldwide companies located in Russia, India, throughout Europe and many other key global markets. Her extensive experience in everything from industrial technology to the luxury goods business has positively impacted the success her clientele in operations, International Sales, and Marketing.

Ms. Batchaeva is a graduate of Pyatigorsk Linguistic University, Ms. Batchaeva holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics and Minor in Business Administration, both awarded with Honors. Additionally, Ms. Batchaeva studied law for two years, further complementing her comprehensive education.

Ms. Batchaeva speaks English, and Russian.

Tamara Walters – Chief Operations Officer

Tamara Walters brings more than 20 years of management experience to her position at IIG Financial Services. Throughout her career, Tamara has excelled in leadership roles in business development, marketing, strategic planning, and operations management and has a proven ability to identify, build, motivate, and manage highly successful teams. Her involvement in a variety of industries has enabled her to contribute to the strategic direction of numerous companies and achieve targeted goals in dynamic and complex business environments.

Tamara has established and implemented departmental policies, goals, objectives and procedures. She oversees business operations, human resources, customer and technical support, and business development. Tamara has a solid record of building and maintaining strong and effective relationships with employees, customers, and vendors alike, using a pragmatic approach to getting the required results.

Tamara studied business law and marketing at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

Alexander Johnson – Head of Research

Alexander is an entrepreneur, management consultant, corporate strategist, keynote speaker and lecturer at Oxford University. Having previously been the youngest CEO on the London Stock Exchange, Alex serves as an IPO consultant for companies listing or performing fund raising activities on European and American exchanges.

Alexander publishes research and hosts courses and conferences to help combat persistent global challenges and create initiatives for actionable change. He collaborates with financiers, thought leaders, innovators and scientists to gather and distribute research findings that aid social issues globally.

Alexander teaches Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford, which examines leadership from a new perspective. He has also built a strong relationship with the Royal Marines Charity to help with resocialisation programmes for Marines who are looking to find new careers after combat, and also supports the charity Grit.

David Nepo – Head of Trade Finance

David Nepo has been very active in Trade Finance and Asset Backed Hard Money Lending his entire professional career and continues to participate in numerous finance sectors globally through IIG. David Nepo began his professional financial career in the New York Securities Exchange firm of Gruntal & Co. in 1996, going on to become a licensed Securities Representative and then becoming a licensed Securities Principal in 1998 for his own private advisory firm. David’s expertise and network in structured finance provides a full range of resources to infuse business and investment concepts with the support they need to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. David’s strong technology background has also led him to create unique solutions for streamlining telecom and energy sector factoring and receivables purchasing.

David continues to introduce leading global strategic investors in order to provide the resources to maximize the potential of these structured financial products and hard money lending strategies.

David Nepo speaks English, and Spanish.

Dov Konetz – Head of Asset Valuation

Dov Konetz has over 18 years of experience in Asset Valuation and is an Accredited Appraiser responsible for overseeing valuations in various sectors, including: commercial, real estate, intangible, and movable assets. He is an Asset Valuation professional that draws on his extensive experience to provide valuations for IIG consulting on Business Valuations, Merger & Acquisitions, and Capital Raising. Dov draws on his skills ranging from asset valuation to asset monetization to help uncover and highlight opportunities for IIG and our clients.

Dov Konetz speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew.